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Oasis Church was built up and is run by VOLUNTEERS! Every Sunday dozens of volunteers show up and make what you see possible! From production to greeting no matter what you feel called to there is SPACE FOR YOULook Through the list below and contact their leader to get more info regarding it! 

Kid's Ministry

Join this team which is led by Pastora Paola Burgos along side her amazing team. You would take part in developing and creating the spiritual formation of OUR FUTURE OASIS. For more info click below.

Oasis Worship

Oasis Worship not only curates and developed the worship culture of Oasis on and off stage, They also RELEASE MUSIC and videos to impact and bring people to the feet of christ. Led by Pastora Claritza Siberio along side the core staff team. You would be able to lead in some capacity and GROW not just in your gifts or talents but in your spiritual connection with the Lord and a deeper understanding of WHAT WORSHIP TRULY IS.

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Sound Equipment

Both our production and worship teams are under a ministry called "OW PRODUCTIONS". This team ensures that the worship and preaching experiences have all the technical aspects needed. From graphics to sound and service planning. If you are familiar with tech or know nothing at all you are WELCOME HERE! All you need is a WILLING HEART!

M.I.P Ministry

M.I.P. Stands for "Ministry Internship Program". It is lead by Pastor Daniel Hernandez & Pastora Ilda Hernandez, it has been developed to allow youth of the church to experience each ministry in a short time to find THE BEST FIT FOR YOU.

Welcome Team

If you want to join a ministry that is full of love and relationships THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU! The welcome team puts on a smile and the joy of the Lord every Sunday. If you've been to Oasis YOU'VE SEEN THE LOVE! We would love to have you serve along side our Staff Pastors Angel Velez & Rosa Velez.


A "Casa Oasis" Is a small group. Either in person or virtually all of our members meet together in their choice of C.O. We have C.O.'s for youth, couples, even finances No matter what you may need there is a C.O. for YOU!

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