Volunteer Staff






Win everyone over for Jesus Christ so they can be discipled, formed and sent unto to the whole world under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Our Teams


(Ages 5-12)

KidOasis is a chance for kids to experience church on their own level. It's fun, interactive and bible centered. Just check them in and enjoy yourself while they do the same.


We believe that preteen age is a very delicate season and plays a pivotal role in transitioning  a kid into teenage hood. MIP is a internship program dedicated to training our interns in multiple areas of ministry for example , teacher assistant, media, Altar Team and greeters.


(Toddlers 2-4)

Even toddlers have a chance  to experience church on their own level. It's fun, interactive and  bible centered. Just check them in and enjoy yourself while they do the same.

Servant Team

Our Servant Team is composed of students, single parents, young families and married couples who love Oasis. They volunteer their time and  gifts to serve.   

Interested in getting involved at Oasis Church?


In the cross road of technology and church, our Media Team is found , and  it's operated by volunteers  committed to  the cause. We believe in giving the best worship experience and utmost excellence to Jesus.

Youth At Oasis

Youth at Oasis are  the leaders of today and tomorrow. Although we don't have a conventional youth group or service, we give them the opportunity to experience Jesus together with their family and believe in a small group network that meets on weekdays.

Worship Team

Enjoying  Jesus and his fullness can be more delightfull with corporal worship, so let us help with live music   


Learn about God in a systematic way.

Join our free bible school and grow.  

Publicity Team

Our Publicity team takes care of capturing the moment at each of our events. In fact every photo on this website and our FB Page was  carefully taken by them